Here you will find all SDS safety documents, Product data sheets and COA (if requested) of your ordered products in English and German. Please read this carefully before processing the products. Essential oils in particular can be harmful to your health, that of your customers and your employees if you do not work safely.

Sometimes documents are under maintenance and therefore cannot be downloaded. You can request them at and we will send them to you shortly. In that case, do not use the oils until you are sure how to handle the oils.

Would you like to have the documents translated into Dutch? Then you can request this from us. 

All documents remain the property of Oliemeesters and may Not a single one published, copied or modified in any way without our permission.

Download here all Safety Data Sheets / Safety Data Sheets (SDS / SDS):

Essential Oils SDS: download link

Carrier/base oils SDS: download link

Greases/waxes SDS: download link


Download here all Product data sheets (PDS) with allergens/ IFRA/ applications/ composition/ function/ REACH etc.:

Essential Oils PDS: download link (being updated)


Download our vegan / cruelty-free statement here:

Vegan Statement Oil Masters: download link

Animal test-free Declaration Oil Masters: download link


Download our SKAL Bio certificate here: download link