Producent etherische olie private labelingAre you looking for a producer or filler for your own brand / private label essential oils? We help you set up your own product line. 

Specialist filling small volumes

We are mainly specialized in filling smaller volumes from 1 ml to 100 ml. We are also very flexible and are happy to think along with you. 

The production process is fully automated to enable fast production and competitive prices for your private label. 

Private label etherische olie producent

Reliable Suppliers from bottle to label

We purchase all supplies for your private label from reliable European suppliers. This means we are not tied to long delivery times and increases our flexibility. All bottles, labels, caps and inserts meet pharmaceutical quality requirements, so you can be assured that your product will reach the market excellently. 

Flesjes en doppen etherische olie

Design Private labeling

It is best to supply the design of your logo and labels yourself. We are not specialized in this, but we can help you make the right choices. We work with a designer who has a lot of experience in designing private labels and logos. Of course, you are completely free to do so.


Our production location and office are both located in the center of the Netherlands: Bunschoten. This means we can always be reached quickly via the A1, which ensures more flexibility and short lines.